Mountain High Cookies are strongly dosed and are created to contain 4 servings. We have chocolate chip, peanut butter, peanut butter m&m, peanut butter chocolate chip, butterscotch, m&m, cookies n' creme, s'mores, and macadamia nut. Our chocolate chip & m&m cookies are available in nibblers as well. Each cookie contains 100mg-125mg THC.

Munch Bars

Our Munch Bars come in a variety of flavors. We have original, fruity pebble, caramel crunch, and more! These are made with concentrates; producing almost little to no taste of cannabis. Each much bar contains 125mg-140mg THC.


Gummies are a chewy, fruity, satisfying treat. Although a single gummy might not seem extremely potent, an entire bag of our gummies does the trick! Each bag is a mixture of 10+ flavors. Gummies are made with concentrates; therefore you can't taste the cannabis! Each bag contains 100mg THC.


Suckers are a perfect low dose discreet treat. Our flavors come in strawberry, cherry, orange, grape, apple, huckleberry, and caramel-apple. Each sucker containers 15mg THC.

Hard Candies

Hard candies are an easy way to dose edibles. Over 30+ flavors available, with as little to no taste of cannabis! Each hard candy contains 5mg THC & comes in a bag of 10. Each bag contains 50mg THC.


Caramels are a soft, chewy, and rich treat. Provided in 5 different delicious flavors: Original, Apple, Butterscotch, Huckleberry, & Sea-Salt. Each caramels contains 15mg THC.

Cheesecake Bars

These our one of our newer editions to our edible line. Available in chocolate chip, & double chocolate chip. These cheesecake bars are out of this world, you'll have to be careful not to eat the whole thing! Each bar contains 100mg THC.

Brownie Bites

Our delicious brownie bites are a patient favorite. These soft, chewy, chocolate bites will be sure to hit the spot! These edibles are easy to dose and very enjoyable. Each pack contains two brownie bites containing 50mg each, a 100mg bag.


Our pills are all made with coconut oil. Our pills are the most convenient to use. For a slower acting medication we have sativa, hybrid, indica, sativa/cbd, indica/cbd, hyrbid/cbd, and recovery pills. All very potent and medicinal containing THC & CBD. Each pill ranges from 10-15mg THC.


Our tinctures are all made with MCT oil. Our tinctures are the most convenient to use. Drop a couple drops of Sativa or Indica tincture under your tongue for quick medication. All very potent and medicinal containing THC & CBD. Each bottle ranges from 350mg-580mg THC.


Tea is the tastiest most refreshing drink in the morning or at night! Drink it hot or cold; even infuse with your own flavor! This tea can be easily dosed and stacked depending on desired strength. Available in 5 different flavors: Headache Ease, Healing Herb, Cramp Relief, Jasmine Pearl & Dragon, and Dream Time. Each tin of tea contains 144mg-518mg THC.

Olive Oil

Want to try making your own infused recipes at home? Our olive oil should do the trick! Add your desired amount to one of your favorite dishes to easily medicate. Each bottle contains up to 200mg THC.

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