Body Line

For the days you need to tackle dry and cracked lips! Apply a good layer of Mountain Highs medicated chapstick. This will keep your lips soft and hydrated as the medicine inside will help protect and heal any areas that may have discomfort.

Mountain High offers a healthy alternative for those that enjoy moisturized skin without the harsh chemicals. Our lotion base is infused with cannabis & essential oils, or fragrance oils. This product will leave your skin feeling soft, rejuvenated, and protected.

Many people suffer from dry and cracking skin. Mountain High has come up with a smooth, soft cream that will help hydrate your skin. This cream is more dense and thicker than regular lotion, designed to moisturize deeper and more effectively.


Bath Soaks are mess free medicated salts. They are a mix of dead sea-salt, essential oils, and infused cannabis Rick Simpson Oil. Bath soaks bring a peaceful combination of calmness and relaxation over the body, relaxing the mind and body. For extra strength, relief & relaxation, add a bath bomb along with your bath soaks!


Those who enjoy a relaxing bath any time of day, can find relief as you soak in a Mountain High Bath Bomb. This medicated bomb will fizz your stress away as a blend of essential oils and infused cannabis medicine help to calm the body and induce a warming sensation across the body.

After a long day of outdoor activities, Mountain High'Muscle Freeze will bring a cooling sensation that will deliver a healthy dose of medicine to any muscle group. This muscle freeze is designed to seep deep into the layers of skin. Instantly cooling and relaxing muscles. Muscle freeze is great for aches, pains, spasms, and sore muscles. Apply as needed and wait for the FREEZE. One of our most popular products!

Mountain High salves are designed for the most painful situations. Those suffering from all forms of arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, nerve pain, sore or tight muscles, or any other uncomfortable feelings will find relief in just a few minutes. Salve is designed to contain more of an oil base, making it easier to massage into the skin. Use everyday for a lasting affect.



Hand & Foot Cream

Bath Soaks

Bath Bombs

Muscle Freeze


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